QuickBooks Desktop Comprehensive Training.

For over 20 years JCS has provided a wide range of highly interactive practical hands on in class, onsite and remote QuickBooks desktop training to corporate employees, CPAs, and to individuals learning the features and the functions available to users online. The QuickBooks Desktop training course is designed in support of the latest QuickBooks Desktop version.

JCS QuickBooks Desktop training is led by Intuit Certified ProAdvisor expert instructors.

QuickBooks getting started Outline

This class is taught by an experienced certified trainer. There will be a maximum of 4 students per class and is hands on 1 person per PC. All classes are CPE accredited. Students will receive a certificate of completion.

One Day Session

Cost: $345.00

9:00AM – 4:00PM


  • Manual
  • Lunch

Get Started

    • Set up your company
    • Move around QuickBooks

Get help…FAST

Everyday Transactions

Selling: Invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, credit memos, and customer statements.

Buying: Bills, bill payments, checks, bill payment stubs, bills vs. checks, and credit memos.

Inventory: Purchase orders, receive items, adjust inventory • Sales Taxes: set up, adjust, pay, and report sales taxes.

Banking: Bank reconciliation and locate discrepancies, online banking.

Special Transactions

Give and receive refunds.
Void vs. delete a check.
Apply credit memos.

Tips & Tricks

Special “Window” tricks.
Clean up lists (delete, hide and merge).
Sort and customize lists.
“Collapse” financial statements.
Show P&L by month, or as a percent of income.

Understand Accounting

Really understand your financial statements
Setup the chart of accounts
Change and fix the chart of accounts
Cash vs. Accrual accounting
Use general journal entries
Setup and use subaccounts

QuickBooks Intermediate Class Outline

One Day Session

Cost: $345.00

9:00AM – 4:00PM


  • Manual
  • Lunch


    • Setup employees, payroll items.
    • Track time and invoice time.
    • Process paychecks.
    • Modify paychecks.
    • Make tax deposits.
    • Prepare tax forms.
    • Summarize payroll data in Excel.
    • Move around QuickBooks

Advanced Features

  • Use petty cash.
  • Use multi-user.
  • Password protect QuickBooks.
  • Update QuickBooks.
  • Work with Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel.
  • Close the books.
  • Find transactions FAST & other time saving features.
  • Work with the accountant’s review.
  • Protect your QuickBooks data.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add custom fields.
  • Tailor company preferences.
  • Create custom invoices and other forms.
  • Add logos and custom fields to forms.

Work with Reports

  • Add, delete, resize, and reorder columns.
  • Filter and format reports.
  • Save reports and create memorized report groups.

Tricky Transactions

  • Use online banking.
  • Handle bounced checks easily.
  • Setup automatic transactions(memorizing transactions).
  • Use credit cards.
  • Enter customer down payments/deposits

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